Lorenzo Peña
Review of Lloyd P. Gerzon (ed.), Graceful Reason: Essays in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy Presented to Joseph Owens. Philosophia XIX/1 (Bar Ilan University (Israel), mayo de 1989), pp. 73-79. ISSN 0048-3893.
I focus on a few of the papers: Walter Leszl's «L'argomento contro i molti in DK 29BI e il procedimento di Zenone»; G. Verbeke's «The Meaning of Potency in Aristotle»; H.B. Veatch's essay concerned with tracing all errors in contemporary metaphysics to «the transcendental turn»; Cornelio Fabro's «Intorno al fondamento dell'essere»; C.J. de Vogel's «Deus Creator Omnium: Plato and Aristotle in Aquinas' Doctrine of God»; N. Wells's paper on Araujo's view of eternal truths. My criticism is often sharp, sometimes a little acid, but (I hope) always courteous.
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