«A Chain of Fuzzy Strengthenings of Entailment Logic»,
in III Congreso español de tecnologías y lógica fuzzy,
ed. by S. Barro & A. Sobrino.
Santiago de Compostela: Santiago University Press, 1993, pp. 115-22. ISBN 84-604-7510-7.
por Lorenzo Peña

Anderson & Belnap's entailment logic, E, was set up on the ground of motivations far away from those which have prompted the creation of fuzzy systems. However, this paper shows how we can develop a fuzzy account using the setup of system E. E's main idea is that an implication is true if, and only if, there is a natural deduction from the antecedent to the consequent and in that deduction the antecedent is not an idle premise. I construe that relevance link now in the sense that the conclusion is not more false than the premises. By strengthening system E with a series of additional axioms, we get a logic fitting such a construal.
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