«Is reasoning the same as relevant inference?»
paper delivered to SOFIA (Sociedad Filosófica Ibero-Americana) conferencia anual, Tenerife, june 1993.
por Lorenzo Peña

There are two main approaches to a theory of rationality: the positive one and the negative one. The former is devoted to the study of reasoning and, insofar as possible, to enhance the patterns or standards of our reasoning practice.

I offer a positive view of reasoning through a system close enough to the most widely publicized relevant system of entailment logic, E. However, the new system is closer to classical logic than in fact almost any other nonclassical logic; to be more specific: it is very close to accepting what the classicist accepts, but at the same time it is far apart from the classicist attitude as rejection is concerned (it refrains from rejecting true contradictions, while the classicist wrongly equates rejecting something with asserting a negation thereof).

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