Review of the books:
Nicola Grana, Sulla teoria delle valutazioni di N.C.A. da Costa. Naples: Liguri Editore, 1990. Pp. 75. (ISBN 88-207-1942-8.)
Nicola Grana, Contraddizione e incompletezza. Naples: Liguori Editore, 1990. Pp. 70. (ISBN 88-207-1943-6.)
by Lorenzo Peña

These two new little books by the Italian logician N. Grana provide us with new insights into some technical and philosophical aspects of paraconsistent logics, esp. of logics belonging to the «Brazilian» current initiated by N. da Costa. Both booklets are very well written, very clear, quite accessible to the layman and yet full of interesting content which emerges as truly novel to most logicians, let alone to such as don't devote their time to searching into logical subjects.

The author's leaning towards relativism clearly emerges when he brands what he calls «privileging the position of strong logos» (p. 58) and when he denounces any absolute truth whether for us or in itself. But of course the reader can profit from studying the book even if he keeps clear of such truth-relativism. Again some comparisons with other paraconsistent approaches would have been welcome.