Lorenzo Peña «Contradictions and Paradigms: A Paraconsistent Approach», in Cultural Relativism and Philosophy, edited by Marcelo Dascal. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1991, pp. 29-56. ISBN 90-04-09433-4.

The present paper argues that:

  1. warrant relativism is true -- any belief warrant is relative;
  2. [truth] relativism is false (not every belief can be true only as regards some particular entity or reference-point);
  3. there are valuable insights relativists have provided us with, one of them being the search for some kind of convergence;
  4. a most convenient convergence policy can be articulated by applying a paraconsistent gradualistic (infinite-valued) logic, i.e. a logic which, by allowing degrees of truth and falseness, makes room for some beliefs being both [up to a point] true and yet [to some extent] false.

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